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Enjoy simple coinjoin mixing for ultimate security with trusted Bitcoin Blender.

Why to mix?

Reasons to Mix your Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies are not anonymous but pseudonymous

You are Traceable
Everyone can view all your cryptocurrrency transactions by entering your wallet address in the blockchain.
You are NOT secure
Send cryptos and break the connection back to your wallet
You are NOT private
Privacy is no longer a given these days. Not only friends and acquaintances can track your transactions, but also companies and governments.
4 Simple steps

How to Mix BTC with UniJoin

Explained in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Input Your Receiving Address
Step 2
Choose Distribution & Time Delay
Step 3
Send Coins You Want To Mix
Step 4
Receive Mixed BTC To Your Wallet
Pricing Per Tumbling Order

Pricing For Bitcoin Mixing

Our Fees Policy is Fair and cheap

To offer the highest anonymity and the best mixing result possible, the fees for each mixing operation ranges between 1-3% of the sent amount.

Additionally, the transaction fees to send the mixed Cryptos to your wallet(s) will be deducted from the total amount sent.

Randomly Generated Fee
1-3% with 4 decimals

For your highest anonymity

A truly reliable Crypto Mixer

Choose to be anonymous when transferring and owning Cryptos. Your anonymity should be a priority!

Open Source Technology
Zero Logs policy
Simplicity is the key
Tor & I2P mirrors


Besides helping the crisis victims to withdraw their money, UniJoin also extends an opportunity to them to trade digital coins of their choice anonymously. They can also pay for goods and services online through UniJoin, helping them to continue their day-to-day transactions with ease.


Coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin are not truly anonymous in nature, but with UniJoin, you can interact with them privately without the knowledge of a third party. The team behind UniJoin are blockchain experts.


UniJoin offers anonymous cryptocurrency-based activities. It mixes users’ digital coins, especially Bitcoin, and offers them untraceable coins they can withdraw and use anywhere without running the risk of being traced to your current location.


With UniJoin, you can easily send, receive, store, transfer, swap, and skate any crypto of your choice with the highest level of anonymity. In fact, UniJoin is a better way to manage your crypto holdings.